The star, best known for 1990s sitcom Family Matters, has asked a judge in Los Angeles to award him full custody of the boy, claiming the youngster is scared to return to his mother, MCCrary's former lover Elizabeth Alanoly, in Michigan because her new partner is abusive.

According to MCCrary, the child became hysterical when he was due to fly home from Los Angeles International Airport last week (ends19Apr15) and police were called. The star alleges he was given permission from the officers to keep his son in California, and he launched a legal battle to challenge the custody arrangements.

His actions prompted Alanoly to file an emergency motion in Michigan, accusing MCCrary of breaching their agreement, and a local judge issued a warrant for MCCrary's arrest.

His custody challenge was heard in Los Angeles County Court, but the judge ruled the child had to be returned to Michigan so the case can be handled appropriately, according to

MCCrary subsequently met with his ex at the Hollywood Police Station, where he handed over their son.

It was previously reported that the actor was briefly detained by authorities before posting $15,000 (£9,375) bail as a result of the arrest warrant.

The legal wrangle occurred three weeks after the actor was ordered to hand over $5,500 (£3,400) in outstanding child support payments to Alanoly. He spent a couple of hours in jail until he was able to settle the money issues and regain his freedom.