Dappy has reportedly trashed a £1.7 million country home he was renting.

The 29-year-old rapper was renting the posh home where he stayed with his partner Kaye Vassell and their three children, but after moving out last month he has reportedly caused £70,000 of damage to the property, making it ''unfit for humans''.

His landlord told The Sun newspaper: ''[It's] unfit for humans. It's disgusting. The place was beautiful, now it's a bombsite.''

The landlord for the home the 'No Regrets' hitmaker was renting went on to state that Dappy - who rented the home for a year - had ''no respect'' for the house or for the people around him, claiming neighbours told him the star ''had parties a lot''.

He added: ''He said he had a bit of money left from the sale of his old house and was going to use it as a deposit for a new one.

''He said he would just be renting it until he bought somewhere else - but after the headlines about bankruptcy I guess no one would lend to him.

''I couldn't get him out after that, he had the kids in there and he kept telling me he would go but it was all just lies, he has completely conned me.

''Neighbours I know in the area have told me that there were people over there all the time and they had parties a lot. They obviously had no respect for the house or people around them.''

However, Dappy, real name Costadinos Contostavlos, has insisted any issues with the now boarded up house occurred after he left, as he ''categorically didn't'' damage the house in any way.

He said: ''I'm disgusted and would like to make it clear when we left that house all rubbish was bagged up. I categorically didn't destroy or smash up the house.''