Dappy loves fishing because it reminds him of his late father.

The 'No Regrets' rapper is a keen angler and he got his passion for the pastime from his dad, Mungo Jerry musician Byron Contostavlos - who managed Dappy's group N-Dubz until his death in April 2007.

Dappy goes fishing as often as he can because he finds the hobby comforting.

He told Time Out magazine: ''Fishing is everything to me. I've been doing it pretty much since I come out of my mum's womb ... It's something I always used to do with pops (dad).

''Anyone who says that badman can't fish is wrong. Not that I'm a badman. I keep fishing reel!''

People are always surprised when the 25-year-old musician reveals his passion for catching fish.

But Dappy - who is joined in N-Dubz by 'X Factor' judge Tulisa Contostavlos and Fazer - insists there are many layers too his personality, despite his bad boy reputation.

He said: ''There's a lot more to me man. I'm not stupid. I know all my times tables. I know how to spell. I know how to read and write. I could tell you some s**t about the Illuminati and then you'd think, 'S**t this guy knows a lot.' ''