Dappy was ''devastated'' when Tulisa's sex tape leaked.

The 'Good Intentions' singer was shocked when the sex video of his cousin and N-Dubz bandmate appeared on the internet, and has no plans to forgive her ex-boyfriend, Justin Edwards, who posted it, any time soon.

He told heat magazine: ''I was devastated, very angry. That burnt my heart. For one person to do that. Justin doesn't want to see me. He can't walk past me and think everything is going to be OK. I'll tell you that for nothing. He can't walk around being all free, it's not right. He might get a slap.''

While the 25-year-old star - who has two children with girlfriend Kaye Vassell - was upset by Tulisa appearing naked on the web, he tweeted a picture of himself naked last year, because he wanted to show other artists ''who's boss.''

He explained: ''I saw a naked picture of Aston from JLS and he looked like he had a little winkle, so I thought I'd show him who's boss.

''Chris Brown released a naked picture too and his winkie looked small and it was all poking to the side and that.

''I was like, 'F**k that, babe, take a photo of me.'

We put it on twitter and it got loads of hits. It's one famous picture.''