Former NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK star Danny Wood is desperate to make it as a solo artist - just like his hero Robbie Williams.

Wood is releasing his debut solo album, SECOND FACE, later this month (JUL03). And, he tells German radio station EINS, he'd love to have the success British hunk Robbie enjoys.

ROCK DJ heart-throb Robbie, who began his career as a member of chart-topping boyband Take That, has "changed his image successfully from a boygroup member to a respected solo artist", Danny says, and is a role model for people trying to follow the same path.

He adds, "I have so much respect for him. Especially since I know how hard it is to succeed alone."

Danny has high hopes for his new album - "It's 100 per cent me," he says - but admits he won't be hitting the highs he did with the New Kids.

He adds, "I will never be that big again."

10/07/2003 20:56