SPY KIDS star Danny Trejo is convinced THE CROW curse won't haunt the latest installment of the franchise - because Brandon Lee's tragic death in 1993 has made the set one of the safest in Hollywood.

Martial arts star Lee was shot dead on the set of THE CROW in 1993 when the death of his character in the film took a bizarre twist - and he was shot for real.

But Trejo, who teams up with TERMINATOR star Edward Furlong and Tara Reid in the latest Crow film WICKED PRAYER, is convinced Hollywood is a safer place after the accident.

He says, "Since that movie... people that handle guns have become a lot more aware.

"I've watched this whole thing evolve and I watched it when Brandon was killed. The people that handled guns knew the danger but then a lot of times directors were in a hurry... so some of the safety precautions were taken for granted.

"If you're young and you're not conscious of this weapon, you say, 'It's a blank.' Well a blank can kill you.

"Any time that there's gonna be a gun on set there's a safety meeting... When there's a gun on the set the minute the director says cut, the gun's off the set."

24/09/2004 19:22