The MAChete star urged Sylmar High School officials to talk to students and address racial and gang concerns following a headline-grabbing Monday (09May16) lunchtime fight involving 40 students.

Trejo, who lives nearby, attended a community meeting on Wednesday night and attacked educators as they talked about their plans to move on after the melee without allowing students to talk about what led to the brawl.

"You are not listening to them," he declared, according to the Los Angeles Times. "They'll come up with the solution."

It's still not clear what sparked the fight, but several students suggested gang tensions and a prom-related dispute may have been a factor.

Trejo also told local TV reporters, "Good things can really happen when we get together."

Los Angeles Unified School District superintendent Michelle King told students and worried parents Monday's fight was "an unacceptable occurrence", adding, "Safety of our kids is the number one priority."

Disciplinary action has been taken against the ringleaders of the brawl.