Danny O'Donoghue fell over in front of Bono.

The Script front man has revealed he was just 17 years old when he found himself drinking wine with the U2 star and his bandmates, and after one too many glasses took an embarrassing tumble down a flight of stairs.

He told The Guardian's G2 magazine: ''The first time I met Bono I was 17 years old and U2's manager was also my manager. I was invited out to this greyhound park that U2 owned. Our guitarist Mark got to sit next to The Edge and I was fucking furious because I wasn't sitting next to anybody.

''Mark spots that I'm drunk and tries to get me to leave. Later on, Bono asks if everyone wants to go to this nightclub he owns called The Kitchen and I was like, F**k, yeah'.

''So listen to this - I turn to wave at the lads, U2, and just as I waved I reached the stairs and I went down the whole flight of stairs on my f**king face. In front of U2. It was the funniest shit ever. I was back home in bed by 11.30.''

Meanwhile, Danny - who also appears as a mentor on the BBC One singing competition 'The Voice' - recently revealed that the pop-rock group have been experimenting with hardcore rap.

The 'Hall of Fame' singers - also including Mark Sheehan and Glen Power - decided to step outside of their comfort zone while recording their fourth album 'No Sound without Silence' and made a surprising foray into the rap and reggae genres.

The Irish-born star said: ''There was everything in between. Some hardcore ... I'm going to say hardcore rap songs, and then some songs with just the guitar.

''We messed around with a lot of different sounds. What you get on the album is one foot in Ireland with the Irish melodies, but also one foot in the UK and America with the production and where music is going.''

The revelation marks a huge departure from the trademark pop-rock sound which has gained the group three platinum selling albums in the UK.