Comedy actor Danny McBride had to fight for the right to use his own name, after moving to Hollywood and discovering it was already taken.When MCBride landed his first big screen role in 2003 film All the Real Girls, he had to go under the name Danny R. MCBride - because he shared his name with a member of the Sha Na Nas, the band made famous in 1978 movie Grease.
And the other Danny MCBride wasn't happy about sharing his moniker with a new wannabe.
The Tropic Thunder star reveals, "We had this conversation where he told me that the town was not big enough for the two of us."
But the new MCBride won the right to use his real name, after landing more big screen credits than his namesake.
He adds, "I don't know what happened. One day I got a call saying I'd won my name. I had out-credited him."