That '70s Show star Danny Masterson has launched a secret career as a DJ.
The actor began spinning tables several years ago as a hobby but recently decided to mix music as a side job under the moniker DJ Mom Jeans.
Masterson reveals his pseudonym is a nod to his pals and former co-stars Mila Kunis and Laura Prepon, who were forced to wear high-waisted pants on the hit period sitcom, which aired its final episode in 2006.
He tells, "Honestly, mom jeans are amazing, and Prepon and Mila used to have to wear mom jeans on That '70s Show all the time where you needed a wrench just to pull the zipper up, and the zippers were 10 inches tall. And so I just sort of love the idea of mom jeans. My buddy was like, 'Dude, DJ Mom Jeans!' And I thought it was a great idea."
However, the 36 year old hopes fans don't think his nickname is a mom jeans endorsement.
He adds, "(They are) a turn off 4000 per cent. But just the idea of how fantastic they are and how some of them have elastic waistbands. They're f**king amazing! It's the most unflattering pants a woman could possibly wear and yet it was the style of the '70s. And it's definitely come back. You'll see them in high fashion every once in a while. The elongated butt is not a good look but yet the designers keep making it."