Danny Jones' wife Georgia Horsley says she'll be ''okay'' if she doesn't regain her pre-pregnancy figure.

The 31-year-old former Miss England winner gave birth to a baby boy called Cooper on January 27, and she's admitted it'll take her a lot of effort and discipline to rediscover her old figure.

She explained: ''I thought so many celebrities post pictures of their perfect bodies a day after giving birth and it's not reality.

''It takes a while to get back to normal and sometimes you never get back to normal and that's okay.''

Georgia also revealed that her pregnancy experience has led her to develop a new-found respect for mothers.

She said it's impossible for other women to empathise with the stresses they go through until they've experienced a pregnancy themselves.

The model told HELLO! magazine: ''Women are amazing. I have a new-found respect for mothers. I don't think it all until you have done it.''

Prior to the birth, Georgia joked that the hospital would need to mop the floor once their baby arrived because they are both so emotional.

She said: ''They are going to need a mop for our tears in the delivery room - we are going to be so emotional. Even when we walked in for the first scan I started crying. All they'd said to us was hello.''

The loved-up couple - who tied the knot in 2014 - also previously admitted they believe Georgia fell pregnant in Palm Springs, California, when they were attending the Coachella music festival in April.

Danny explained: ''At first we were shocked when it happened as we'd been casually trying, but so many people have such a hard graft starting a family that we didn't really expect it to happen quickly ... It was a 'let's go to a festival with friends' holiday. Yeah, it's cool: it's a Coachella baby.''