Danny Jones is still estranged from his father.

The McFly singer and guitarist doesn't want to get dragged into talking about ''anything negative'', but admitted that while talking about dad Alan on TV prompted a conversation between the pair, it didn't go any further.

He told The Sun's Fabulous magazine: ''I don't want to kick it off again. Anything negative, I just get rid of it.

''I kind of have to for my own sanity and happiness. I need to move on with my life. Simple as that.''

Danny, 32, opened up about his relationship with his father on 'The Voice Kids UK' last year after a contestant appeared on stage and sang Kelly Clarkson's hit 'Piece by Piece'.

The talent show judge reflected at the time, and candidly explained how the song resonated with him after his dad walked out on Danny and his mum 14 years ago.

He added: ''Finding out my dad had had an affair and seeing my mum on the floor, crying, with the lights off in the house, gives me goosebumps now.''

Although that moment convinced Alan to get in touch, it didn't trigger a reconciliation between them.

Earlier this year, Danny become a father himself after his wife Georgia gave birth to their boy Cooper.

Despite his baby joy after the birth in January, Danny previously admitted he was still struggling to come to terms with fatherhood, admitting he'll often stare at his son in amazement.

He said: ''It's crazy that you can create this life: it's just an overload of love. I keep looking at him and going, 'We created him, we created those ears, those fingers, those toes ...'''