Actor Danny Huston has recalled his childhood memories of the late Orson Welles as he plays the movie mogul in new film FADE TO BLACK.

BIRTH star Huston recalls meeting "the man" when Welles was appearing in one of his father John Huston's movies, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND, which fell apart due to funding issues.

But he can only remember how much the heavyweight ate.

He recalls, "It was in LA, and it was a hot, hot summer, and he was eating a lot.

"I remember my father being slightly taken aback by the amount that was being consumed."

Huston reveals there are producers in Hollywood still trying to finish and release his father's film collaboration with Welles.

He adds, "Unfortunately, it was one of the brothers of the shah (or Iran) who financed that."

In Fade To Black, Huston plays Welles as the movie great tries to complete work on a thriller script just before he played OTHELLO on the big screen.