Hollywood star Danny Glover is bemused by his new-found sex symbol status because as a youngster he was bullied over his looks. Despite branding himself "the most inconspicuous boy at school", the 60-year-old was recently hailed the fifth sexiest veteran male film star by users of an internet film fan site. In the poll, the Lethal Weapon star came behind Jack Nicholson, 69; SIR Sean Connery, 76; Robert Redford, 70; and Clint Eastwood, 76. But modest Glover can't understand his appeal. He says, "I should be about 150th on the list! These guys have been sex symbols all my life - I can't believe I'm up there with them. "My daughter would love to hear this because she's so beautiful and always thought her looks were just from her mom. "It's weird though. I don't know what it is. At school I never had girlfriends. I was so shy and people called me names. I was probably the most inconspicuous and forgettable boy there." Despite his low self-esteem, Glover found love with ASAKE BOMANI, who he married in 1975. He says of their romance, "She's was the most amazing woman - still is. She saw something special in me, something so good I didn't even know it was there."