Danny Glover is refusing to break the writers' strike after crossing a picket line in his youth cost him his job as a taxi driver. The actor pities TV and movie crewmembers who have been forced by their jobs to obey the industrial action - but insists it is important for the writers to be able to fight for what is fair. He says, "Traditionally in my life I don't cross picket lines. I lost one job because I went across the picket line and that was when I was driving a cab. "The people most affected by the strike are the ones that need the income the most and don't receive the large checks that allow them to stash away money. They live from day to day and those are the people I feel most terrible about. "But there's a principle that's at stake here and it goes beyond just supporting the striking writers. Business cannot be done as usual. Once we begin to think about what is fair, we can use our power to fight against what is unfair."