Playing blind is nothing new for actor Danny Glover, who loses his sight in new movie BLINDNESS - he wanders around empty theatres with his eyes closed to prepare for stage roles.
The Lethal Weapon star admits he calms his nerves backstage before plays by closing his eyes and walking around.
He explains, "There's another kind of humility for me whenever you close your eyes and trust all the other senses that you often don't use as much like hearing, and smell.
"I began to notice the difference from when I was going from outside to inside the building (without seeing) - the way the air feels. I always had a practice when I started doing theatre work. I'd close my eyes and walk from my dressing room to the stage and feel around; to get a sense of where I am the moment before I step on the stage.
"It's a kind of tool I played around with to calm my body and provide a certain level of openness in saying that I'm giving myself to this energy in a sense."