Actor and activist Danny Glover has launched a new movie production company which will focus on films of historical relevance with social messages.

The LETHAL WEAPON star formed New York-based LOUVERTURE FILMS with co-founder and producer/screenwriter JOSLYN BARNES.

The actor's publicist ARNOLD ROBINSON says in an announcement, "(Louverture Films) will support the employment and training of cast and crew from the African Diaspora, minorities and/or marginalised communities."

The company plans to produce six independently financed feature and documentary films over the next three years.

Glover will direct Louverture's historic action epic TOUSSAINT, based on the Haitian Revolution and the life of TOUSSAINT LOUVERTURE, a former slave who rallied blacks.

Another project is GOD'S BITS OF WOOD, based on the African literary classic and written by film-maker Ousmane Sembene about the 1947 strike on the Dakar-Niger railway that ignited the independence movement in West Africa.

02/03/2005 09:41