LATEST: Danny Glover has defended the decision to film his movie about a Haitian freedom fighter in Venezuela instead of in the troubled nation itself. Glover has been granted $18 million (GBP9 million) by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to film TOUSSAINT - the biopic of 18th century Haitian activist Toussaint L'Ouverture - in the South American country, which has caused concern in both nations. Haitian President Rene Preval tells the New York Daily News, "The entire world should be proud of our patrimony. We had the first successful revolt against slavery in this hemisphere. It's our contribution to humanity. If Danny Glover can bring it to the screen, we will be happy. But I hope he will shoot it here." Famous Haitian Wyclef Jean adds, "We want it shot in Haiti. If a portion of the movie is not shot in Haiti. I would definitely feel disappointed." Some Venezuelans are also unhappy that the government is putting such a large sum into the movie. Director Jose Novoa says, "Eighteen million could fund five years of local cinema in Venezuela. And the film's not even about Venezuela." However, Glover insists it would be impossible to shoot the film in Haiti, which has been besieged by instability and violence since the 1980s. He says, "You can't film in Haiti. It doesn't have the infrastructure, unfortunately."