LETHAL WEAPON star Danny Glover backed out of a cruise commemorating the Haitian bicentennial, because he doesn't want to appear to support the country's new government.

Earlier this year (04), an American-led multinational force arrived in Haiti after the ousting of JEAN-BERTRAND ARISTIDE, who has since been in exile in South Africa.

The events have prompted Glover - as well as poet SONIA SANCHEZ - to cancel their planned appearances.

The actor says, "Due to the increasingly critical political situation in Haiti, which resulted in a loss of life, oppression and incarceration of thousands of Haitians, I have cancelled my participation"

About 500 people paid $1,500 (GBP833) to $2,500 (GBP1,380) to take the seven-day cruise, which set sail on Saturday (14AUG04).

Aristide has accused America of being behind his overthrow, a claim the US government has denied.

16/08/2004 02:54