Hollywood star Danny Glover has jetted to South Africa to accompany exiled former Haitian president Jean-bertrand Aristide home.
The Lethal Weapon star is an active member of the TransAfrica Forum and has joined calls for Aristide to be swiftly brought back to his earthquake-ravaged homeland.
And this week (beg14Mar11), he flew to Johannesburg to hasten Aristide's departure after "all the last remaining obstacles to (Aristides') return have been removed".
In a statement on the TransAfrica website, Glover writes, "I am going to South Africa to show our solidarity with the people of Haiti by standing at the side of the leader they elected twice with overwhelming support.
"People of good conscience cannot be idle while... a democratic leader who peacefully handed over power to another elected president is restricted from returning to his country by external forces."
Aristide has been in exile in South Africa for seven years since he was forced from power following a rebellion in 2004.