British actor Danny Dyer is undergoing extreme military training for his new role as a Second World War commando.
The Business actor will star opposite Sean Bean in new war movie Age of Heroes, which tells the story of the U.K.'s multi-service combat unit 30 Commando which collected information on Nazi Germany.
And to ensure he is in peak physical condition for the role, Dyer is pushing himself with a punishing regime of exercise and weapons training with the Royal Marines.
He writes in Britain's Zoo magazine, "I'm making this war film next month where I play a WWII commando - it's an old-school action flick, with me running around ironing out Nazis, I can't wait.
"Thing is, they're sending me up to Scotland to put me through my paces first. The bloke I'm going with is a Major, so he won't f**k about. He's going to be one miserable c**t, I just know it - 'So you want to play at being a commando, you poncey actor?' It's going to be hard work, but I want to make a proper go of this film, so I really need to a**e lick this part."