British star Danny Dyer admits he takes drugs with fans, and loves the fact his bad boy status means he can get away with it. The actor, famous for playing working class lovable rogues, claims he is constantly propositioned by men bearing drugs, and finds it impossible to refuse. He tells Attitude magazine, "A lot of people want to take drugs with me. I will have people come up to me in a f**king packed nightclub with a wrap of gear (cocaine) and a credit card. Instead of asking for an autograph they are like, 'Can I share a line with you.' "I try to turn them down and it's hard work. So I snort it, and let them go on their way. "It's not ideal but that's where fame has got me. It's about being a bad boy and being naughty. And a story about me in the newspaper for sniffing cocaine or smoking a join, is not really a story, because I am known as being a f**king bad boy."