HUMAN TRAFFIC star Danny Dyer has slammed Hollywood superstars Ewan McGregor and Orlando Bloom for picking up million dollar salaries, while their fellow British counterparts are struggling to pay their bills.

The English actor is sick of actors' pay discrepancies in the movie business and is calling on producers to end the exploitation and pay all actors fairly.

He says, "I always thought that money came with fame but it has not happened like that for me.

"There are a certain group of actors like Ewan McGregor, Orlando Bloom - all those c**ts - that earn all the f**king millions and the rest of us scrabble around for bits and bobs.

"For THE FOOTBALL FACTORY I was on GBP500 a week. For a six-week shoot I got three grand (GBP3,000) and that goes f**king nowhere. I've got money coming from DVD sales, but that's got to be carved up and that takes forever."