British actor Danny Dyer turned down $320,000 (£200,000) to appear on a U.K. reality show - because he feared it would ruin his career.
The Dead Man Running star was approached by producers of Celebrity Big Brother in 2009 and offered the massive sum for a stint on the show.
But Dyer rejected the cash - and he's pleased he decided against starring on the series.
He says, "Last year, Celebrity Big Brother offered me £200,000 to go into the house. There was no f**king way I was doing it. It’s not worth the aggro (aggravation). Plus, by the time I’d paid the taxman and my agent, I’d only have seen half the cash!
“It would purely be a money-making move, but you risk screwing up your career.”
Vinnie Jones and Stephen Baldwin are appearing on the current series of the U.K. show.