British actor Danny Dyer is devastated after thieves stole two luxury cars from outside his home.
The Football Factory star awoke on Tuesday (03Nov09) to find his Porsche and Mercedes had been taken from the driveway of his Essex, England home in the middle of the night.
The expensive Porsche Cayenne was later recovered a few miles away from his property by police, but Dyer admits the ordeal has left his eldest daughter scared in her own home - and he feels like it is his fault.
He says, "It's the lowest point of my life. I've never felt like this before. My 13 year old is really upset and scared. She feels unsafe in her own home. I feel I've let them down as a father.
"Luckily I'm lazy and I didn't fill it up (with petrol) so they probably panicked and just dumped it."