British actor Danny Dyer has reignited his war of words with Vinnie Jones after branding the former soccer star's acting "abysmal".
Dyer was less than impressed with Jones' attempts at emotional scenes when the pair co-starred in 2001 prison drama Mean MAChine.
In his new book Straight Up, Dyer writes, "His lack of acting nous really showed on that film. There's a real poignant moment where he explains to these other prisoners how he's f**ked up his life.
"You read the script and he's meant to cry. When he came to do it, I wanted to put my head in my pocket. It was abysmal. He looked more like he was going to take a s**t."
And Dyer is adamant the Hollywood hardman was actually intimidated when they performed together.
He adds: "The one thing I loved about doing the film was seeing the fear in his eyes whenever we had a scene together. He just could not keep up with the pace. I could see him struggling. He'd be waiting for his cue thinking, 'Oh, now I speak' and I'd f**k about, wait a little bit, do something a bit odd, a bit left field, chuck that in the f**king mix. He clearly thought, 'This geezer's quite good' and he started to want to be my mate a little bit but he couldn't by then."
The duo later reteamed in The Other Half, but Dyer has no plans to work with Jones again: "I've not come across him since. He's got a problem with me. I've got a problem with him. That's the way it is."