Hardman actor Danny Dyer broke down in tears watching Miley Cyrus' weepie romance drama The Last Song.

The actor is renowned in his native U.K. for playing tough-guy roles including gangsters, soccer hooligans, and drug dealers, and he is currently enjoying a run in hit soap opera EastEnders as the landlord of a London bar.

However, his teenage daughter Dani has now shattered her father's intimidating image and revealed he is a secret softie who cries at soppy movies and wears a pink bath robe at home.

Dani Dyer, a budding actress who has enjoyed several film roles, tells The Sunday Times Magazine, "People have this image of my dad, and they've got it so wrong. He plays gangsters and hard men, but he's a complete pussycat. He's so sensitive, you wouldn't believe it... If I ever start crying, he gets totally choked up.

"There was one time he started crying over the Miley Cyrus movie. He was begging me not to tell anyone about that. Sorry, Dad... He likes to play the alpha male, but he's a sensitive, caring family man who don't (sic) mind walking about the house in a pink dressing gown."