Danny Dyer hopes his two new movies will show his versatility as an actor.

The British star appears as a serial killer Frank Norton in dark film 'Deviation', a prison escapee who kidnaps a nurse (Anna Walton) before following up with comedy 'Run For Your Wife' and he relished the chance to play two very different roles.

Speaking at the premiere of 'Deviation' at the Odeon cinema in London's Covent Garden, Danny told BANG Showbiz: ''My character is a serial killer who has got a real problem with women. Something happened in his childhood, something with his mother. He has been in prison, he wants to get out. He finds this girl, but unfortunately it is the wrong girl. It's an intense movie.

''I think this year, I am trying something a bit different. So I've got 'Deviation' coming out, which is very intense, and then I've got the 'Run For Your Wife' thing which is like a comedy. So obviously I am trying to show people that actually I am a serious actor. I really love what I am doing.''

Danny's co-star Anna revealed she loved working with the 36-year-old actor, despite the terrible character he played.

She said: ''It could have been quite an unpleasant experience, given the story, but Danny was lovely. The story itself was you know, it is pretty hard, it was quite draining. I think it is an interesting thing to explore and to put yourself through. So that was worth it to me, that challenge, putting yourself through it. Sometimes I do ask myself why I actually enjoyed doing it.''