The Football Factory Star, 39, attended the music event in Chelmsford, England, on Saturday (20Aug16) with his 20-year-old daughter Dani as part of his bachelor party celebrations, ahead of his upcoming wedding to fiancee Joanne Mas.

However Danny's night out took a turn for the worse when pals of the former The Only Way Is Essex star allegedly set upon him backstage, in full view of his horrified daughter.

Mark took to Twitter on Sunday (21Aug16) to deny any direct involvement in the violent altercation, writing: "Seen some stories online today about v festival. I would like to confirm that I personally wasn't involved in any physical confrontation."

Quoting The Only Way Is Essex star's tweet, Danny has called on his rival to out those who had lashed out at him and left him with a black eye.

"No. True. Where was ya?? (sic) Do you wanna declare who ya snakey 2 Bob mates (sneaky friends) are?? Especially the 1 squaring up to my Dani," Danny tweeted, adding, "No daughter should have 2 see their old man (dad) being toe punted (kicked) in the nut (head) by 5 complete p**cks."

The actor then posted an Instagram picture of Mark and his friends at the festival on Twitter, which he captioned, "Friends eh. How to ruin ya pals career before it had even started. Legends. Other than that I had a proper (good) night."

Danny's daughter also took to social media on Monday (22Aug16) to express her feelings about the incident, posting a message on Twitter which read: "The only comment I'm even gonna say is my dad is the strongest person I know he isn't a fighter just because he plays good acting roles does not mean he is that in real life (sic)... my heart is broken as I witnessed the whole thing."

Danny's wife-to-be, who has three children from her 24-year relationship with the star, also expressed her disgust over the alteration, telling British newspaper The Sun, "Mark... was egging on his bunch of idiot friends all day. There were five guys against one and Danny still went for them, but the most f**king disgusting thing is it was all in front of my 20-year-old daughter."

The alleged festival fight is just the latest episode in a longrunning feud between Mark and the actor, who currently stars as publican Mick Carter in British soap opera EastEnders.

Last week (ends19Aug16) Mark's brother Josh revealed on Twitter that his sibling had slapped Danny when they played together in a charity soccer game.