Danny Devito has offered his support to Ozzy Osbourne's former doctor, who is being charged with malpractice for prescribing a mountain of pills to the ailing rocker.

DR DAVID KIPPER is Devito's family physician, and the TWINS star is horrified by news that he is set to lose his license for alleged improper treatment.

Officials at the California Medical Board have moved to revoke Kipper's license after Ozzy's aides claimed the doctor turned the rocker and reality TV star into a pill-popping zombie.

Devito fumes, "We have used him as our family physician for over 20 years. He has been, to us, the most honest, caring, selfless, responsible doctor we have ever had.

"Dr Kipper has literally saved the lives of our nephew FREDDY, who he diagnosed and rushed into the hospital for emergency brain surgery, and our cousin SACH, who is an LAPD officer and was a victim of a hit-and-run.

"The trust and admiration we have for him goes beyond just that of a good doctor. My wife RHEA and I must be vocal in our defence."

19/12/2003 09:22