Danny Devito used to sneak into theatres to save money.

The 74-year-old screen legend only earned around $68 a week when he first started out in the movie business, and he and his pals worked out a way to catch shows without having to pay; sneaking in during the interval.

He recalled: ''Everybody smoked, so at the intermission, they'd go outside.

''You'd walk over and buy a cigarette, and then when they blinked the lights and called everybody in, you'd go and watch the second act of plays.

''I've seen many, many plays -- just the second act.''

The 'Matilda' star also revealed he used to stash money in his sock drawer as a kid.

The 'Dumbo' actor started work early at the age of 14, manning rides at a fun fair in his home city of Ashbury Park, New Jersey, and he says the best advice money-saving advice he can give is to try and ''hold on'' to as much cash as possible.

Asked how he perceived money as a child, he told MONEY: ''My father had a candy store, and my mother worked with him.

''I went to work when I was 14 at the kiddie rides down in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

''I put the little kids on the ride, told them to ring the bell, steer the wheel, that sort of thing.

''I always managed to stick some money in a sock drawer.

''I think it's good advice, too: Hold onto it as much as you can.''

The Hollywood star also revealed that he is doing his best to save the planet by avoiding buying plastic items.

Asked if there is anything he doesn't like spending money on, he replied: ''If I gotta do something -- like if my coffee grinder broke, say, I would go out and get a nice coffee grinder. I'm not shy about buying a salt shaker that is wood and metal -- trying to stay away from plastic if I can.''