Danny Devito is a huge fan of social media because he no longer has to sign autographs for fans.

The Twins star has developed a huge college fan base thanks to the success of his cult Tv show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and students are forever asking him to pose for selfies and cellphone shots with him.

He says, "Every single day, wherever we go, hundreds of young people come up to me for a selfie. You don't get to write as much; you get to just pose, which is kind of cool.

"What's great about it is in the early days, when it was just cameras, usually it started out with bridal parties on a weekend when you were promoting a movie: 'Can you pose with the bride?' 'Yeah, Ok.' Then I realised, after a few years, I'm on every piano from here to Wichita sitting there with the bride and the groom and the best man!

"It's kind to fun to know you're on millions of Facebook pages with people who are your fans."

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