Danny Devito doesn't like One Direction, despite appearing in their video for 'Steal My Girl'.

The pint-sized 'Matilda' actor featured in a clip for their new single which was unveiled last week, but explained that he only did so because his relatives said he should and because he wanted the boys to take a photo with his foot which he dubs ''Troll Foot''.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''I have many, many young kids in my family who would just beat me up if I didn't do [the video].

''I saw it as an opportunity to take a picture of them with Troll Foot. That's what I did!''

When asked if he was a fan of the 'Midnight Memories' crooners, he retorted: ''No, no, I'm a Bob Dylan fan.''

However, despite being uninterested in the chart-topping band's music, the 69-year-old actor explained that he was excited to be involved with them because of their cult status.

He added: ''I was flattered and I was really happy to go do it. It was a ball.

''It was reminiscent of the days when you saw The Beatles go somewhere and there were always packs of people following them.''