Danny Cipriani isn't ''bothered'' that his ex-lover Katie Price mocks the size of his penis.

The 29-year-old rugby player dated the former glamour model for ''a few weeks'' six years ago and, although he didn't think they ended on bitter terms, she regularly ridicules his meaty manhood - nicknaming him Danny Chipolata - but he's not fazed by the small sausage remark because he's confident with his package and thinks she takes aim at him because she's angry.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: ''No her calling me Danny Chipolata doesn't really bother me. That's for her to make comments. It is for me to know the reality of it and what is going on. Whenever someone doesn't do what someone else wants they are not going to be happy so they are going to say what they want... It's very smart of her. It is ingenious. Well for her to play on Cipriani and do something like that, that just shows she is a smart business lady.''

And, although her cheeky dig has made his nether region a hot topic of conversation, Danny still has ''a lot of respect'' for the 39-year-old reality TV star because she's a fabulous mother to her five children; Harvey, 14, Junior, 11, Princess, nine, Jett, three, and Bunny, two.

He explained: ''You know I think she is a great mum and she is doing her thing and I've got a lot of respect for her. I don't speak to her but if I saw her out I don't see why I wouldn't speak to her. I think the way she speaks about it she would probably be angry, but I've got no issues.''

Katie is no stranger to poking fun at her former flames - in particular her cross-dressing ex-boyfriend Alex Reid - on the 'Loose Women' panel every week but he's not worried that she'll come out with a big, dark, secret about him on screen because she's so ''professional.''

He said: ''I think everyone has a profession and everyone has a role in what they are doing and she has found a niche and she is a very successful businesswoman. She has been like that for quite a few years and you've got to work out public image and all those types of things and you need to understand that people make money out of that. I think that is fine for people to do. It's never been something for me to step into. It wasn't a relationship like that. ''