Danny Boyle 's much-hyped Olympic Openning Ceremony lived up to expectations as it delivered awe, laughter and even a very special entrance from Queen Elizabeth II.

Masterminded by Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle, the ceremony has a celebration of recent British history, culture and held its own distinctly British sense of humour.

With a cast of thousands, including many ordinary Britons, the show captured imaginations with the use of dramatic special effects and countless nods to the achievements Britain has made since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

A round-up of how the world responded to opening of the Games proved wholly positive, with even the Chinese media (who declared the show would be something of an anti-climax after the Beijing Ceremony in 2008) applauding the spectacular effort made from all those involved.

Whilst Rowan Atkinson made the crowd roar with laughter at the Bean-esque Chariots of Fire routine, it was James Bond himself (or Daniel Craig rather) and the Queen who made the biggest impression - arriving to the ceremony by parachute!

Kenneth Branagh stared as Sir Isambard Kingdom Brunel in an ode to Britain's former Industrial might, whilst Jk Rowling led a tribute to the wonder of children's literature.

Musical entertainment came in the shape of Mike Oldfield, The Arctic Monkeys - who did a rendition of The Beatle's 'Come Together' as well as their breakthrough single 'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor' - and Sir Paul McCartney, ending the night with Beatles songs 'The End' and, of course, 'Hey Jude'.

Many users took to social networks to heap praise on the ceremony, one facebook user perfectly summed up the general opinion noting: "Watching (as I did) from overseas, Britain choose to exhibit itself to the world not via a surfeit of meaningless explosions, fireworks and flashy xenophobia, but rather through the NHS, children's literature and other wonderfully quirky spectacle made me feel very proud. This is the country of Danny Boyle not Michael Bay."