British director Danny Boyle is beckoning controversy with his new movie MILLIONS - by showing saints smoking marijuana joints and using bad language.

The movie tells the story of one boy's visions of saints, while his brother sees only a world of cash. But Boyle decided to buck convention when he shot scenes of what they saw.

He says, "The joint (which one of the saints smokes) was a really interesting question. The temperature of the times in Western life, especially here (in America) but in the UK as well, is very anti-tobacco, anti-cigarette.

"The question was, is it going to be a cigarette? What's it going to be? I said I think it should be a joint, she should light up a joint. The whole thing she says is, 'It doesn't matter up there - everything's easy. You only have to worry about that kind of thing down there.

"I just thought it was lovely, they don't stand on dogma. And I thought they would be very relaxed like that, and that's how I always imagined it.

"My mum was a very strict Catholic, a very devout Irish Catholic, but as a person she was so easy about everything. So I felt the saints should be portrayed like that. St Peter wears a bit as well."

21/03/2005 02:54