Director Danny Boyle is "sad" to see his Oscar-nominated movie SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE take a battering in the press - accusing the media of putting a negative spin on his filmmaking efforts. The new picture, which is set in Mumbai, India, has been at the centre of controversy since movie bosses were accused of underpaying their Indian child stars - claims which have been vigorously denied by studio executives and Boyle himself.
The film came under fire again recently, with campaigners in India slamming the movie's controversial title - claiming the use of the word 'dog' was insulting to those living in slums.
And Boyle is outraged that his 'feelgood' film has attracted such criticism - insisting most of the stories surrounding the picture have been misconstrued.
He says, "I am proud of the way we have dealt with everybody. It's sad that's it's been misreported by some people."
Slumdog Millionaire, which tells the story of a boy who grows up in poverty and goes on to win a gameshow, will compete for the coveted Best Picture Oscar at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles on 22 February (09).