British director Danny Boyle is helping the children who featured in his new movie SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE work their way out of poverty - by handing them a trust fund once they finish school.
The moviemaker shot the critically acclaimed picture in Mumbai, India and some of the young actors were cast locally.
And Boyle admits he was devastated to learn of some of children's dire living situations.
He says, "Rabina (Ali, who plays a young Latika) and Azza (Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, who plays a young Salim) were from very poor backgrounds. One night we heard a rumour that Azza's house had been demolished. Their house had been cleared; he lives in a slum and occasionally the council just bulldozes them. We sent people to try to find him, and they found him asleep on a car rooftop."
Boyle made sure the children will be put through school and they have been promised a trust fund when they complete their exams to encourage them to continue their studies.
He adds, "They're learning English, and they sent me birthday cards. I started weeping when I opened them."