Moviemaker Danny Boyle stunned amputee ARON RALSTON when he asked the adventurer if he ever had an erection while he was trapped behind a boulder during a hike through remote Utah.
The Brit was researching trapped Ralston's real-life fight for survival for his new movie 127 Hours and the hero, who hacked off his own arm to escape his hell, told him to ask anything he liked.
Boyle kicked off with the most personal question he could think of.
He tells Nylon Men magazine, "I asked him, 'Did you have a boner while you were down there?' And he was a bit shocked that I asked that. But I've got to ask that question.
"I remember what it is to be 27, and a young man, and fit. I don't care what discomforts he's in, it would be part of his brain. He never really answered the question... but I thought, 'We have to have it with James (Franco).'
"So he (Franco - who plays Ralston in the film) goes swimming with these two girls. Aron did meet these two girls, but they didn't go swimming, they went climbing.
"(When James) looks back at the tape of the girls swimming (in the film)... it's sensual and erotic and it makes him more lonely, and, presumably gives him a boner."