DO THE RIGHT THING star Danny Aiello regrets not thanking Marlon Brando personally for a letter that made him feel like a king.

Aiello was brought to tears upon hearing his idol had died - and then spent five hours at his home trying to find a letter Brando once sent him in 1997.

Brando praised the actor for his performance in The Godfather writer Mario PUZO's THE LAST DON - and his use of prosthetics. Brando stuffed cotton wool balls in his mouth to play DON CORLEONE in The Godfather.

The actor recalls, "I come to the bottom of this box and there, in pristine condition, is an envelope with the letter enclosed.

"It said, 'Dear Danny, we never met but I want to tell you that your performance in The Last Don was extraordinary. I wish that I was smart enough to use the prosthetics that you used. You were never given the praise that you deserved for movies that you did to advance the civil rights of people.'

"He signed it 'Marlon Brando'. It killed me."

16/07/2004 09:41