MOONSTRUCK star Danny Aiello has blasted stars like Sean 'P Diddy' Combs and Paris Hilton for being terrible role models to kids - and he urges publications to stop writing about them.

The 72-year-old movie star claims modern youth icons are "ridiculous" and he can't understand why kids find them so alluring.

The outspoken actor rages, "How could you look up to these a**holes? A lot of them are creeps doing drugs, showing their boobies... How could you look up to that?

"Paris Hilton, who the hell does she think she is! I want to talk to these gossip columnists and say, 'For God's sake, why do you put these morons in the paper?'

"The only reason why people want to read about them is because you keep putting them in. PUFF DADDY (P Diddy), this shmuck. I'm sitting here saying to myself, 'What are they doing? Is there nothing more interesting than reading about these morons."

Aiello also slams Hilton's parents, RICK and CATHY, for letting their daughter become "an idiot".

He adds, "My feeling is she might've gotten hooked up in all of this and doesn't know how to back out because she's so publicised, but she's got a father and mother that thinks she does nothing wrong. Where the hell are they from? What a bunch of pigs!"

28/03/2005 01:37