Dannii Minogue burst into tears when she gave birth to baby boy ETHAN in July (10) - because the hospital experience brought back memories of her best friend's death.
The star's pal Laura battled cancer at the same time as her sister Kylie in the mid 2000s - but, while the Spinning Around hitmaker won her fight against the disease, Dannii's friend sadly died.
And going back into hospital to give birth to Ethan was an emotional experience for Minogue.
She tells Britain's Glamour magazine, "When Laura was dying in hospital, I would rub her feet and when I was in hospital having Ethan, one of the nurses came to the end of my bed and did the same to me. I burst out crying.
"I felt Laura was there. I wanted her so much to be there with me and meet my little baby. I'm still sad about it to this day."