A British media watchdog has upheld Dannii Minogue's complaint against two U.K. newspapers after reports of her pregnancy surfaced early.
Press guidelines in the U.K. forbid news outlets from reporting a pregnancy before a woman has undergone a 12-week scan, and the Australian singer was left fuming when the news broke prematurely last month (Jan10).
She took her grievances to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC), accusing the Daily Mirror and Daily Record of invading her privacy by printing the story - and officials at the PCC have ruled in Minogue's favour.
Executives at the organisation have called the articles a "regrettable lapse in editorial judgement" and ordered both newspapers to publish the PCC's adjudication in full.
The ruling reads, "As a matter of common sense newspapers and magazines should not reveal news of an individual's pregnancy without consent before the 12-week scan, unless the information is known to such an extent that it would be perverse not to refer to it."
Minogue confirmed she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Kris Smith on 13 January (10) - four days after news of the pregnancy first surfaced.