Australian singer Dannii Minogue admits she knows the man who was arrested for posing as a police officer at Queen Elizabeth II's Windsor Castle - but slams claims she is "besotted" with him.

Company director MICHAEL EDWARDS-HAMMOND boasted to his friends that he was dating Kylie Minogue's sister after meeting her when she starred in the West End musical NOTRE DAME DE PARIS.

But Dannii - currently dating French hunk JEREMY GARAMOND - says, "I did not know him when I was starring in Notre Dame De Paris. I have never gone out with him, not even on a date.

"I never even slept with him. That's completely ludicrous. For people to think I was his girlfriend was absolutely astonishing to me and I have to say a bit embarrassing."

The 32-year-old beauty says she went out with him occasionally but insists they were never alone together.

Edwards-Hammond was arrested on Monday (17MAY04) after allegedly tricking his way into the English castle by posing as DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT SIMON MORGAN - the man heading the hunt for the Night Stalker serial sex attacker.

He also claims to be an intimate friend of British Princes CHARLES, WILLIAM and HARRY and has been spotted with CHICAGO star Renee Zellweger and TV star CATALINA GUIRADO.

A close source says, "Michael's constantly calling up the paparazzi telling them he's with a big star - even when he's not. He's always going on about Dannii and even claimed they had got engaged and Kylie was thrilled for them."

23/05/2004 14:21