Singer Dannii Minogue blames her parents for the relationship setbacks suffered by her and her sister KYLIE.
Minogue insists that she and her sister have both been unlucky in love because their parents have such a perfect relationship it has given them high expectations.
Minogue is still single at the age of 36 and has a failed marriage, to actor Julian MCMahon, behind her as well as a broken engagement to racing driver Jacques Villeneuve and a failed romance with former Bros star Craig Logan.
Her older sister Kylie, 40, is also still single, having split from longterm boyfriend Olivier Martinez in 2007.
And Dannii insists their parents' happy marriage is the cause of the siblings' romantic troubles.
She says, "I blame our parents! They have been married forever and have the best relationship, and we have too much to live up to.
"It's too easy to say that successful, independent women are single because they focus too much on their work. If the right guy came along I would be happy, but I'm picky. And not everyone has to get married and have children."