Pop star Dannii Minogue has revealed she had to hire a bodyguard after a wannabe she rejected, as a judge on British TV show x factor, turned on her.
The Australian singer, who serves as a judge on the talent show, had the deciding vote about one desperate contestant's future - and chose to shatter his pop star dreams.
Minogue admits she was "petrified" when she realised the contestant and a group of his relatives were waiting to confront her outside the audition room.
The nervous star asked fellow judge Simon Cowell's personal bodyguard, Tony, to walk her out of the building, fearing repercussions.
She recalls, "I hid near him (Tony). If I feel frightened, I'll always run to him. Tony's a friendly giant but I wouldn't mess with him."
Security on the show has been increased following the incident, according to reports.
A source says, "Producers appreciate things get heated on occasion, but they never anticipated things would kick-off quite as much."