Dannii Minogue thinks the way she met her boyfriend is "tacky".

The 40-year-old star has been in a relationship with Kris Smith - the father of her 15-month-old son Ethan - since August 2008 and is still shocked at the origins of their romance.

In a letter to her 16-year-old self, she wrote: "On a summer trip to Ibiza you will meet your true love in a nightclub. I know, tacky. But you can never plan these things."

In her letter, Dannii also revealed she was never interested in becoming a mother, but is overwhelmed by the love she has for Ethan.

She said: "You have never been maternal or yearned for kids, but you will just adore your baby boy. There is a light that radiates from you whenever you see him or even think of him... and changing nappies is not as bad as you think."

In 1994, Dannii married 'Nip/Tuck' actor Julian McMahon - who she divorced two years later - and she admits while their relationship broke her heart, she now views that phase as a "blip".

She explained: "You will get married and divorced at a young age. The whole debacle will break your heart but eventually it will be a blip in the scheme of your life."