Dannii Minogue has an "amazing eye for detail", according to her business partner Tabitha Somerset Webb.

The Australian beauty teamed up with the designer to create her clothing line Project D - which was launched last year - and Tabitha believes the reason they work so well together is because they are different.

She told Harrods magazine: "The clothes are elegant, stylish and chic. We try to make it flattering and easy to wear while still keeping it on-trend and exciting.

"Dannii has an amazing eye for detail and is specific about how things should look. I'm a bit crazier; I push her boundaries. We know each other so well that we can easily design for one another."

Tabitha also gave her advice on how women can look good in clothes, saying they need to feel comfortable in whatever they're wearing.

She advised: "Dress for yourself, so that you feel happy, confident and sexy in what you're wearing."