Dannii Minogue and Tabitha Somerset Webb would love to design clothes for Adele.

The pair - who founded the Project D fashion line - are huge fans of the 'Someone Like You' hitmaker and would jump at the chance to create an outfit for her to wear for one of her iconic performances.

Speaking as they launched their Kenco Millicano limited edition K Bag, Dannii exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''Every girl wants to dress Adele, if you could have Adele in your dress singing one of her songs, I think I would cry, I would burst into tears.''

Along with Adele, Dannii and Tabitha would also be thrilled to spot Kate Hudson or Michelle Obama in their dresses.

Tabitha added: ''I would love to dress Kate Hudson who I am just a massive fan of, I would love to see her in our designs. Dannii would always say Michelle Obama.''

As both have young kids - Tabitha gave birth to daughter Betsy Belle in November 2011 and Dannii raises 20-month-old son Ethan with partner Kris Smith - they say they have constantly had to change how they design for their own shapes.

Dannii explained: ''Considering we've only been up and running for two years and in the first year I got pregnant and in the second year Tabitha got pregnant we've designed things that we were designing for our shapes at the time and our shapes have changed so much.

''Everyone makes clothes for their own shape, I design stuff that I like, Tabitha designs stuff that she likes and then there's so much that meets in the middle. That was always the reaction we had right from the first collection, there is something that's flattering no matter what. We do love designing for curvy figures but people still look fabulous in some of our dresses that don't have curves and they look amazing. ''

Dannii and Tabitha have designed their first luxury handbag to celebrate the latest trend in instant coffee, Kenco Millicano, now available in a portable Stick Pack. The limited edition K Bag is available at www.my-wardrobe.com/kbag from 27th March.