Dannii Minogue was wearing men's clothes when she gave birth to her son Ethan.

The 39-year-old beauty - who gave birth to her first child with partner Kris Smith last July - explained she was forced to raid her boyfriend's wardrobe in the frantic rush to get to the hospital.

She said: "The one time I raided Kris' wardrobe was when I was getting ready to go to the hospital for the birth of Ethan. When we had to go, we had to go, so I just whisked around with helicopter arms and put on anything within reach.

"I had old-man Ugg slippers on, a pair of Kris' tracksuit pants rolled up at the ankle (they were the only thing I could get around the bump), a big winter coat, one of his golf caps and his sunglasses."

Despite her unfortunate wardrobe choices, Dannii admitted the day will always remain in her "rose-tinted photo album" - though she is grateful no one took pictures of her bizarre attire.

She added to Glamour magazine: "I did not look like Kim Basinger in '9 ½ Weeks', and I definitely did not look like Helena Christensen in the 'Wicked Game' video, but it is something I will remember in the rose-tinted photo album of my memory forever.

"I am, however, eternally grateful no one was around with a real camera that day!"